Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Muons, Inc. has formed partnerships with many national labs and universities that have enabled us to invent new accelerator concepts and to develop the relevant technology for their realization. These include:   

  • Argonne National Laboratory                                          University of Chicago

  • Brookhaven National Laboratory                                    Cornell University

  • Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory                           Florida State University

  • Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility             Hampton University

  • Los Alamos National Laboratory                                     Illinois Institute of Technology

  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory                         North Carolina State University

  • National High Field Magnet Laboratory                          Northern Illinois University

  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory                                      Old Dominion University

  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

In addition, hundreds of individual researchers use our simulation tool, G4beamline, as an essential aspect of their work. 

Muons, Inc. has worked with several industrial partners in order to bring our innovations to market. These include;


East Lansing, MI

Device Technologies,

Yorkville, IL


Beverly, MA

Altair Technologies

Menlo Park, CA