Monday, August 2, 2021

MuSim is a new and innovative graphical system that permits the user to construct, explore, optimize, analyze, and evaluate accelerator and particle-based systems efficiently and effectively. It is designed for both students and experienced physicists to use in dealing with the many modeling tools and their different description languages and data formats. It will be easy to use fast but less realistic codes to design and optimize a system, and then use slower but more realistic codes to evaluate its performance. Graphical interfaces are used throughout, making it easy to construct the system graphically, display the system with particle tracks, analyze results, and use on-screen controls to vary parameters and observe their effects in (near) real time. Such exploration is essential to give students insight into how systems behave, and is valuable to the experienced accelerator physicist. The use of URL-based component libraries will encourage collaboration among geographically diverse teams.

Here is a movie that introduces MuSim by showing how to construct a Simple Proton Storage Ring in 20 minutes: (720p).