Friday, September 24, 2021
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With a staff of 20 experienced physicists and engineers, we have expertise spanning the full development cycle of numerous accelerator technologies, from design and simulation through fabrication, deployment, and operation.



We offer design, simulation, fabrication, and deployment services for numerous accelerator technologies, with a core expertise in RF components and power sources, ion sources, and high temperature superconducting accelerator magnets.

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We have extensive experience with numerous software and CAD tools like the ACE3P suite of supercomputing codes, CST Design Studio, ANSYS, LabVIEW, Superfish, Fishpact, ASTRA, Cubit, Paraview and particularly our own Graphical User Interface (GUI) to Geant4 for physics simulations and accelerator system studies.

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Consulting Services

We offer consulting services for customers at national laboratories and private industry requiring professional support to solve complex numerical tasks covering a broad kaleidoscope of RF problems. Please contact us for any inquiries. Additionally, we offer a variety of hardware design services.

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